Otomo Mitsuki

A young Imperial samurai-ko driven by her ambitions.


Female, aged 17.
161cm high for 63kg.
With black hair, dark brown eyes.

She’s rather pretty, in a classical Rokuganese way, but her kimonos are very colored and it doesn’t make her look cheerful.


====TL:DR ====
Mitsuki is a young Imperial samurai-ko driven by her ambitions.
She is on the island to assist in the courtly things related to the Island exploration.

==== Mitsuki’s Lineage ====
Mitsuki is born in 1198 as Ichihime, from Otomo Seishuu and Otomo Masuno.

Her Mother, Masuno is originally a member of the Mantis clan, from the Yoritomo, and married Seishuu because of a strong ties between her family and Mitsuki’s Line.
This closeness started 5 generations prior to Mitsuki.
In the year 1129, after the 2nd day of thunder and the ascension of the Mantis as a great clan, more than a few Mantis lords who previously were involved into piracy had to face judgment. Among the imperial judges was Mitsuki’s 3rd great grandfather, Otomo Asaichi, who was himself the 14th great grandson of Otomo Madoko, Hantei XX’s sister.
Through some of his verdicts, the Mantis recognized him as fair and just, and Yoritomo Mukeisha, an acquitted Mantis Daimyo, spent most of his fortune and went to great extent to have a Tsi blade forged as thanks for Otomo Asaichi’s magnanimity.
The wakizashi was named Fukumei, as it was a symbol for a man’s restored life. (written with the character for Restore and the character for Life/destiny)
As the story goes, When he offered the present, Mukeisha swore that his line would forever support the righteous owner of the blade.
The wakizashi was then handed from father to son for 2 generations, until the assault of Otosan Uchi in the year 1159, when its carrier Otomo Nakusu, Mitsuki’s great grandfather, died and the blade was lost.


==== Mitsuki’s Life ====
Mitsuki spent her 6 first years in the family home, in the inner district of Toshi Ranbo, occasionally accompanying her parents to the Yoritomo embassy and the Imperial palace.
Near the house stood a huge mulberry tree, and seen from afar its curved profile resembled the canopy of a wagon. As a child, Mitsuki played with the other samurai children beneath this tree, and she would climb up into it, saying, “I am the imperial princess, and this is my chariot!”.
Her uncle, Otomo Utemaru saw no offense in children’s play and convinced her parents to let her continue those games until she would be schooled.

In 1194, she was brought for her training to Emperor’s Will Court, the Dojo in Kyuden Otomo, and after a few interviews, it was Otomo Tsutomu who took Mitsuki as his student.
With the many insights from her Yoritomo heritage, she quickly proved to be a very talented child. That proficiency led Mitsuki to turn overconfident, and even now she often overestimates her own abilities.
As Mitsuki grew, Tsutomu encouraged her to play the game of letters with the boys who took an interest into her. Undeniably, she was growing into a rather pretty girl, and hearing some people muttering she had to be favored by Benten, the girl decided to dedicate more time to the fortune, as to show proper gratefulness, and make sure she would not suddenly turn ugly.
Most of her schooling happened during the 5 years of starvation. As an imperial, she never faced any deprivations, but she learned how far people could go when they required money. Of course, she does not indulge in commerce, but she recognizes the value of money and believes getting money to spend when required is ideal.

in 1211, Tsutomu declared Mitsuki ready for gempukku
After 1 month, Mitsuki was assigned the challenge of making sure that the marriage of Soshi Ketsunai and Doji Kiraku would be cancelled. The marriage would seal an alliance that would turn dis-favorable for imperials.
Mitsuki got herself assigned to Kiraku’s family estate for a 3 month period, with the pretext of her sensei wanting her to get clan-related experience.
Within those 3 month, she managed to convince Kiraku’s family that Ketsunai was only being married out as a spy, and they ended up cancelling the marriage after Mitsuki’s return to Kyuden Otomo.
Mitsuki thus went through the ritual part of her gempukku, and proclaimed that she would take the name of Mitsuki, because she aimed to be a refined lady shining upon the empire. ((Written with the character for Light and the character for Princess))

After her gempukku, Mitsuki decided to recover her family’s wakizashi. She got herself appointed to the ruins of Otosan Uchi, where she used a few spiders as guides, and got Daigotsu Hideki assigned as a more or less permanent Yojimbo.
She quickly acquired the habit of writing her name on places she visited. At first, it was a convenient way for her to mark which building she visited and which were safe. But even now that she has left Otosan Uchi, she feels a compulsion to write her name on any large place or building she visits.
Mitsuki spent 3 years organizing search parties to all the potential places her great grandfather might have died at. She scrabbled through what was left of the Imperial gardens, the Mantis embassy, the old family’s estate, and a few other places too, but to no avail.
During this time, she grew closer to the Spiders, and learned about the values of Shourido and how control was key to leading, especially when leading Spiders.
But in the fourth year, as she decided to settle and was replacing what once was the tatami mats in the family’s house, she found a secret passage. There laid a mummified body, crushed under the rubble, with the blade and a book.
She read the book and confirmed that the body was indeed her great grandfather’s. She picked the blade and arranged for a proper ceremony to be held, burning the body and the book together in the family’s estate.

She then promptly returned to the capital, keeping Daigotsu Hideki with her, and when she presented the blade to her family, it was decided that she was meant to keep it.
Once the celebrations over, the topic of her next assignment came up, and with her experience in the organization of ruin searches, it was decided that she would be assigned to assist the exploration parties in the eternal danger islands.

The daimyo of the chameleon, the minor clan ruling over the islands, was to be married during the Unicorn’s winter court, so in order to be polite and greet him before settling on his domain, Mitsuki was sent to the Unicorn Winter court.
She attended the marriage, and through a surprising turn of event, was invited to ride in the court’s opening race. Having never learnt how to ride, she could not tame a unicorn steed, and she bowed out of the competition after 2 of the 5 laps.
She was nonetheless offered a saddle with golden stripes, with a decent horse to wear it, and when winter came to an end, Mitsuki accompanied the Chameleon Daimyo to his lands, riding the gifted horse.

==== Relation with Parents and Sensei ====
Although Mitsuki does not show any lacks of filial piety, her parents tend not to back her up as much as they could.
Mitsuki is second born, and has retrieved the family’s wakizashi, which had always been inherited by the first born. This creates an unclarity as to who will inherit the family’s titles, and although Mitsuki’s parent don’t really care so much about which of their child inherits, they don’t want people to think they’re favoring a second born who spent her time away from the capital and effectively has rather few contacts in the forbidden city.
They also don’t want to undermine their firstborn’s network, which was largely built before Mitsuki acquired the blade, with the assumption that he would be the one inheriting.
And Mitsuki doesn’t seem to need the backing anyway.

Mitsuki’s sensei also doesn’t provide so much support either. He is a rather proud person, and believes that even once his students become young adults, they still have much to learn, and wants them to face all the hardships they can, without his help. Maybe in 10 or 20 years, when he truly believes Mitsuki has finished her learning, he might provide some help.

======== Family ========
Close family:
Sensei: Otomo Tsutomu, 53 : Otomo Courtier (Sensei at the Emperor’s Will Dojo.)
Father: Otomo Seishuu, 40 : Otomo Courtier (Courtier in the Forbidden City)
Mother: Otomo Masuno, 36 : Yoritomo Courtier (Mantis embassy in Toshi Ranbo)
Elder brother: Otomo Ichigan, 20 : Otomo Courtier (works and studies under our father)
Younger sister: Otomo Jihime, 13 : Yoritomo Courtier (student in Dojo Raiden)
Younger brother: Otomo Futaro 7 : Seppun Bushi (student in Emperor’s Hand Dojo, in Kyuden Seppun)

Mother’s side:
Aunt: Yoritomo Kimie, 42 : Yoritomo Courtier
Uncle: Yoritomo Tadao, 41 : Yoritomo Bushi
cousin(m): Yoritomo Hideoki , 23 : Yoritomo courtier
cousin(f): Tsuruchi Subaru, 19: Yoritomo bushi
cousin(f): Yoritomo Ayano, 18: Yoritomo bushi
cousin(f): Yoritomo sabuko, 14: Yoritomo bushi

Aunt: Yoritomo Umeko, 30 : Yoritomo Bushi
Uncle: Yoritomo Fujio, 29 : Tsuruchi archer
cousin(m): Yoritomo Ichiro , 12 : Yoritomo Bushi
cousin(m): Yoritomo jiro, 8 : Tsuruchi archer

Father’s side:
Grandmother: Otomo Reina 58: Bayushi courtier
Aunt: Otomo Rin, 36 : Doji courtier
Uncle: Otomo Utemaru, 37 : Otomo courtier
cousin (M) : Otomo Saseru,19 : Otomo Courtier
cousin (f) : Otomo Kasumi, 16 : Doji Courtier

====== 20 questions =======

1. What clan does your character belong to?
Mitsuki does not belong to any clan, but is a member of the imperial families.

2. What family does your character belong to?
Mitsuki is an Otomo, and as most Otomos, she is strong willed, and believes nothing can be bad if it is done for the empire.

3. Is your character a bushi, a shugenja, or a courtier?
Mitsuki is an Otomo courtier, most of her duty involve diplomacy, politics or arbitration.

4. How would others describe your character’s appearance?
Mitsuki has a simple but very beautiful rokuganese build, some have said that her body is proof that she was favored by the fortunes. But what would be her most striking feature would be her attire: She wears many bright colors on her traditional kimono, and although this kind of attire would make most look cheerful, the effect is quite opposite on Mitsuki; it gives a hint of danger or menace to her appearance.
Mitsuki is also strictly never seen without her wakizashi.

5. What is your character’s primary motivation?
Mitsuki wishes to serve the empire, but serving the imperial families or a member of the imperial families is often the same, so her main motivation would be greed and ambition. Besides, she needs to be in control in order to achieve anything. Power and money are the two most simple things to turn into control.

6. Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?
That would be Otomo Reina, Mitsuki’s grandma. Nothing really beats a scorpion grandma when it comes to people you can trust.
Reina was a Bayushi who married into the Otomo, and she’s now Mitsuki’s only alive grandparent.

7. What is your character’s greatest strength and weakness?
Mitsuki’s strength is the calm which she keeps when facing all situations.
Her weakness is her overconfidence.

8. What does your character think of Bushido?
Mitsuki tends to ignore a bit the tenet that her cousins Miya hold so dear, compassion, and can be a bit self-centered.
As she is overconfident, courage is not a tenet to which she thinks of.
Honesty, honor, and sincerity are traits that work best when everyone respects them and are how friends should behave among themselves, but people tend to take advantage of those, so it is best to be careful. On the other hand, it’s impossible to make friends without showing these to some extent.

Courtesy and duty are the foundation of civilization, and should be prioritized above others.

9. What is your character’s opinion of his clan?
Mitsuki is a member of the imperial families, and she totally adheres to her family’s ideal, believing that nothing made for the empire or the imperial families can be a bad thing.

10. Is your character married?
She is not, but she is being pushed to marry soon.
She has avoided getting engaged, because a poor marriage would bind her position in the celestial order, and that’s something she wants to avoid. She thinks marrying later, with more accomplishments, will turn more beneficial for her.

11. Does your character have any prejudices?
As an Otomo, Mitsuki is most wary of the clans that hold presence in court, and tends to view courtier of similar status from those clans as rivals to push down.

12. To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?
Although there is a regent ruling the empire, Mitsuki is aware that he is keeping the throne from being claimed by the heir. But she feels rather far from those things, and is not too concerned about them, as the empire seems to be working again.
She generally ends up working for higher ranking members of her family or her sensei, Otomo Tsutomu. Those are the people to whom she feels more loyal towards.

13. What are your character’s favorite and least favorite things?
Mitsuki’s favorite thing is receiving gifts. Not any gifts, the one that she will actually find a use in. A paper folded as a chrysanthemum might be pretty, but it’s not serving any purpose. On the other hand, a simple sake cup might not be as complicated to make, but it serves a purpose, and with some efforts, it can be made just as pretty. The more useful, the better!
Her least favorite things, is open conflict between imperials and clans. The clans are meant to serve the empire and going against imperials is just undermining the empire.

14. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?
When outside, Mitsuki generally carries an umbrella, and will take her fan out for any conversation. But she will have her fan upside down unless she is actively using it.
When inside or without an umbrella, her right hand will often be sitting on her hip.
She also uses the conditional would when introducing herself: “I would be Otomo Mitsuki..”

15. What about your character’s emotions?
Mitsuki is very strong willed, and it is rather rare for her to show emotion. It is part of the things she needs to keep control on, and the only emotions she generally shows are those that she wants to show.

16. How would your character handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?
When a subordinate commits improper behavior, there are 2 priorities for Mitsuki.
The first is to be 100% sure that the subordinate cannot make the same type of mistakes again. This doesn’t necessarily mean harsh punishment, but if there is are no ways to correct the subordinate’s behavior, she might get them to commit seppuku.
The second is to make sure that any other person offended be properly apologized to. She doesn’t so much care about people offending her, but she might make a display of her punishment as apology.

17. How would your character’s parents describe him?
Mitsuki is a young, pretty, and ambitious Samurai-ko. Of course, her filial piety is exemplary, and we’re already quite proud of her, but there is one thing: she needs to marry soon.
She takes more after her mother than her father.

18. What is your character’s highest ambition?
Mitsuki would like to have her own court, with everyone doing exactly as she commands, and with the fewest amount of people who would disturb her by making demands.
She would rule uncontested like the highest imperials.
She’s dedicating herself almost fully to her ambition.

19. How religious is your character?
Mitsuki pays the amount of respect expected of her to all the divinities, except to Benten, the fortune of love, to whom she dedicates a bit more of her time.

20. How will your character die?
Mitsuki will be killed by a jealous rival. Either Stabbed in her sleep, or poisoned.

21. Does your character have an ultimate goal, and if so, what is it?
Mitsuki is driven by her ambition, and although she does not have a precise goal in mind, her ultimate goal would be to climb in status and in the celestial order.

22. What is your character’s secret, and what will happen if it is discovered?
When she read the book she found with her blade, Mitsuki learned that Asaichi, her 3rd great grandfather received bribes from the mantis. Imperial corruption is a serious offense, and if the wrong people learned about it, it is possible that Asaichi’s line would be made ronin. Mitsuki Might even be judged harsher for knowing it and saying nothing.

23. What does your character think of the political climate in Rokugan?
Mitsuki doesn’t like the imperial families to be in conflict with a clan, and she’d appreciate if a great clan could start a war with the scorpion, so tensions with that clan would be forgotten.
She’s not really touched by the governor being in control, and generally doesn’t think about it.

24. What does your character do to relax?
Mostly, she writes and reads poems.

25. If your character were given a koku, how would she spend it?
She would invest it into something that would get her either more kokus or more control.

26. Does your character have a stereotypical view of the lower classes?
Because of her Mantis heritage, Mitsuki believes that people hold their fates in their own hands, but she also thinks almost every Heimin and low ranking samurai waste their life accomplishing nothing. So they need to be controlled by ambitious and benevolent people.
In her hands, they could contribute to greatness.

27. What are the names of your character’s parents and siblings, and what do they do?
Father: Otomo Seishuu, 40 : Otomo Courtier (Courtier in the forbidden city)
Mother: Otomo Masuno, 36 : Yoritomo Courtier (Mantis embassy in toshi ranbo)
Elder brother: Otomo Ichiban, 20 : Otomo Courtier (works and studies under our father)
younger sister: Otomo Jihime, 13 : Yoritomo courtier (student in Dojo Raiden)
younger brother: Otomo Futaro 7 : Seppun bushi (student in Kyuden Seppun)

28. What reward would your character most wish to receive?
An important appointment.

29. What do your character’s wakizashi and saya look like?
The wakizashi’s blade is a 7 layers soshu kitae blade, forged by the Tsi. When drawn, the blade has a faint teint of blue. The tsuba is made of pure gold, the handle is made with shark skin covered with golden thread of silk. On the nakago is signed “Tsi Sakuhi”.
The saya is made of black lacquer, and decoration were made by sprinkling gold as the lacquer hardened.

30. Does your character revere the Tao of Shinsei or the Fortunes more?
Mitsuki reveres Benten most, but otherwise thinks studying the tao is more productive than revering the fortunes.

31. What is your character’s most sacred possession?
Without a doubt, her wakizashi, Fukumei. It was a gift to her 3rd great grandfather and she spent 4 years of her life to retrieve it.

32. Who is your character’s closest friend?
Daigotsu Hideki, probably. She spent the last 4 years with him, and he might not make the nicest company in parties, but he is strong and reliable. That’s what Mitsuki expects from her friends.
Mitsuki is not blindly trusting him, but she is trusting him with keeping her life.

33. What does your character love, fear, and hate?
Mitsuki loves getting the attention from important people. It may sometime imply taking risks, but even if things don’t go exactly as planned, it’s generally easier to turn an average impression into a good one than actually making an impression without taking risks.
If there is one fear she commonly faces, it’s the fear of being ugly. The very purpose of her umbrella it so keep the sun from her face, and keep it a nice white. People might think this makes her weak or wimp, but it’s a very practical concern. As a courtier, her looks are just as much of a weapon as a bushi’s nodachi. Of course, she’d be more scared of an Oni or such, but it’s not something you fear on a daily basis.
And if there is one thing she hates, it’s being alone for too long. A bit of privacy is nice, A day or too can be okay, but Mitsuki needs people around her.

34. How does your character feel about each of the Great Clans?
Crab: As a clan, they are much appreciated. As samurais, so are most of them, but there are quite a few who only recognize strength when it is physical, which is sad.
Crane: They are great allies, as long as they don’t try to contend with us in courts.
Dragon: Some of their individuals can be a bit different. They might not make the best friends, but they are benevolent and of great support for the empire.
Lion: As the saying goes, Lions are the right hand of the empire. Their principles are simple, and aligned with ours.
Mantis: The mantis often lack the respect it deserves. They are efficient and have a lot of insight to offer to the other clans.
Unicorn: They are a bit unstable as a clan. Some don’t share the rokuganese culture. Some are fine too. But they’re quite generous in general.
Scorpion: They are generally great supporters, but we might have alienated them recently. Some may falter in their loyalty.
Spider: They currently serve the empire, and I think that’s what matters. They have quite a few insight that we could learn from.

35. How does your character feel about different professions in the Celestial Order?
Mitsuki believes everyone has his place in the celestial order. That place may change, but each have a purpose.

36. Who is your character’s ideal mate?
Mitsuki has been trained to think a clanner is an ideal mate, she would obviously prefer marrying someone with influence, wealth and status, someone who respects her values and who could contribute to her ambitions.

37. How does your character react to minor impurities or irreverence in others?
She doesn’t care, as long as it doesn’t offend others. If it offends others, she will act according to the offense.

38. Has your character ever been exposed to maho or other major blasphemies?
She has seen taint and tainted grounds in Otosan Uchi, but she made sure to never be personally exposed.

39. What advice would you give to your character?
Make sure that you don’t bite on something you can’t chew. Thread carefully.

40. Who would be your character’s ultimate enemy?
Either a political rival, or someone who think her values are inappropriate for her status. Maybe both?

Otomo Mitsuki

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