Hyobe Kagasawa


Hyboe Kagasawa was born and raised on Kameyama Jima among the constantly visiting gaijin. This is where he picked up with skill with languages. He has only recently arrived to the mainland of Rokugan and is eager to stake his claim on the world. Kagasawa has only his crew and the “Jade Tortoise”. Jade as the crew calls her for short got her name after Kagasawas Ancestor received the call to battle and had his crew paint the entire hull green before battle. Before any major clan battles the crew still takes the time to paint the hull green as they ask for their ancestors blessings before war.

The crew and I have started to make a name for ourselves. After Toshi’s defeat of the Mighty Wind in a single blow is quickly becoming legend around the common folk. We where able to also turn a nice profit for the crew by entering Yakou into the pit to fight their current champion. This should be a steady bit of income for the Jade Tortoise we will need to recruit more fighters to fight both in the pit and on the ship. With some clever wagering I was able to win enough extra Koku to import enough rice that the Jade Tortoise can replace the bad rice the 100 Bastards where selling. This with the list of merchants the 100 Bastards where dealing with should make taking over their rice business and establishing legitimate trade easy.

Finally got to have a chat with Big Hari seems like a reasonable enough fellow as long as he stops bringing in bad rice. The Jade Tortoise might even be able to work with them, at least until we have figured out their operation centers and those of their competitors. Big Hari and I have also arranged for a few matches in the pit between some of the crews champions and his men. It will be interesting to see how everything with Big Hari plays out. While waiting to make Big Haris acquaintance I was over hear Otomo Mitsuki resolve the rice issue and overheard Haris comments about the Doji. He may be working with the Crane Magistrate.

We had a chance to explain everything that went on to the Toritaka and hopefully made a good contact on the lawful side of the coin. little by little the Jade Tortoise works its way into the cities underworld with time very little will happen in the city with out my knowing of it and with that knowledge fate will strike.

It would seem Big Hari and the 100 bastards are in less control of the city then we thought. They failed in an attempt to steal a boat and judging by the whispers they may have even been hitting the wrong ship. The whole lot of us got pulled into the daidojis scheme to use us as yoriki. We tracked down a band of would be pirates lead by a daidoji. She is the sister of the lord of a small town and has been supporting the town by raiding ships. after her arrest we found her lair, ship and goods. Now to decide what to do with them. Unfortunately before being able to bring in the crew to sail her ship back out to sea the daidoji pirate captain returned to her home after being broken out of jail. Now to kill her and her crew return the goods and put her ship to good use.

Hyobe Kagasawa

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