Welcome Samurai to your future and your fate

Our story begins on the Island of Hantei's Point, the most prosperous island in the relatively recently formed and explored Eternal Danger Islands.

Hantei's Point is one of the largest islands in the archipelago, and the only one directly connected to the mainland via Fortune's Favour Bridge. The Empire quickly established a settlement, bringing in heimin to construct Hannei Yoake Toshi, The City of the Prosperous Dawn ( the settling for our stories ).

The city lies in the centre of seven forested hills which ring the core of the island, and land has been cleared around it for farms and rice paddies. However, soon after the construction of the settlement the outlying farms came under attack from jungle creatures resembling hungry aggressive tigers.

The samurai undertook a campaign to hunt down and exterminate the creatures, and while they have claimed success the farmers still whisper that some of the creatures are lurking within the trees.