The Ronin Fighter for Hire


Game of 20 Questions:
1: What Clan does your Character belong to? Secret, on Musha Shugyo

2: What Family does your Character Belong to? Secret, on Musha Shugyo

3: Is your character a Bushi, Courtier, or a Shugenja? Bushi

4: How would others describe your character’s appearance? Todo’s face seems as if crafted by Lady Doji herself. There is no blemish or imperfection upon his perfectly chiseled, impassive face. Rarely does a smile or a frown creep across his face. Always dressed in black, he casts an aura of menace around himself as if warning others that drawing against him would be a death sentence. However, that aura seems to dissipate while in court, when he turns on the charm.

5: What is your character’s Primary Motivation? Currently to finish his Musha Shugyo, his true reasons, including why he went on Musha Shugyo, will be revealed after completing it.

6: Who is the person your character trusts most in the world? His father is the only person he trusts in the world. While he won’t reveal his father’s identity, as it is a breech of etiquette to while on Musha Shugyo, but he will tell others that he misses his father’s guidance, but knows that he shall prove his worth and ability to operate independently of Family and Clan.

7: What is your character’s greatest Strength and Weakness? Todo’s greatest strength is his persistence. Since starting his Musha Shugyo, Todo has worked as a Bounty Hunter three times. All three times, his persistence drove him through next to impossible odds to capture them and bring them to justice. His greatest weakness is his Lechery. He finds it hard to resist a pretty woman, which has lead him to almost be killed once when a Geisha lead him into a trap using her sex appeal.

8: What does your character think of Bushido? Todo does let Bushido guide his actions off of the Battlefield, but once battle (Not duels) commences, he will abandon it in all ways, shapes, and forms. Off the Battlefield, Todo seems to exhibit Honor mostly. The way he carries himself, the way he acts in court, all scream a man of Honor. However, he has a mean streak that violates the tenants of Compassion. While normally demonstrated with Heimin, he has shown it as well during first blood duels by trying to strike in a method that will cause severe agony, or possibly disable him for life, depending on how angry he is at any given time.

9: What is your character’s opinion of his clan? While he will not reveal which clan he serves, the way he talks fondly about home, family, and clanmates (generically), he seems to love his clan with all his might, and is proud to serve it.

10: Is your character married? He is not currently betrothed, as his parents have had a hard time finding him a spouse. As far as he knows, nobody will interfere with any future wedding plans should he find a wife.

11: Does your character have any Predjudices? Yes. He hates the Crab and believes they are ‘disgustingly uncouth,’ and if asked about it that the Unicorn, at least, has a reason for being so. He also believes that the Crane, Lion, and Phoenix are weak fools for focusing on one aspect of the Samurai Life, the Dragon should come down from their mountains and learn about Rokugan today, the Mantis’ love of money shall destroy them, the Scorpion and Spider’s love of secrecy and the Shadows shall destroy them, and that the Unicorn should work on ‘’Rokuganizing’ more.

12:To whom does your character owe the most loyalty? Todo owes the most loyalty to his father’s Daimyo. He is the man who sees to his family’s well being, including his little sister, the one person who has never been victim of… or even seen… his cruelty.

13: What are your character’s favorite and least favorite things? His favorite thing to do in the world is killing or hurting others. It gives him a sadistic smile every time he hurts or terrorizes others. The thing he hates the most is pretending to be a nice guy. While he does it in his baby sister’s company, and while he’s on Musha Shugyo.

14: Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? Yes. He often licks his blade menacingly before combat starts.

15: What about your character’s emotions? He often breaks face in combat, laughing and smiling in sadistic greed.

16: How would your character punish a disobedient subordinate? By hurting him. For a minor infraction, he may slash his target’s face in a non deadly area. For a major offense, he will slice something off that he feels his subordinate does not need… starting with genitals.

17: How would your character’s parents describe him? A Perfect child of the clan, despite his… passions.

18: What is your character’s highest Ambition? To spread as much of his hatred and pain as possible.

19: How religious is your character? Very much so, but only worships his Clan’s founder.

20: How will your character probably die? In battle, and will probably die laughing.


Todo was born in an unknown area of Rokugan, to unknown parents. What is known is that he is a vicious warrior, and that he is a Ronin. While no one is sure of his former clan, he is known to hunt bounties and will always return with the corpse of his target. Rumors are starting to swirl around the island that he is a fighter/killer for hire, willing to take on anyone’s fight if the Koku is right.


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