Suzume Shiori

A writer looking for her story.


Suzume Shiori (雀栞), of the Sparrow Clan Exp:80
Went to Suzume Bushi School
Honor: 6.5 Status: 1.5 Glory: 1 Rank: 2
Koku: 3
Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Mai-Chong (Boar Spear)
Travel Pack (Spare Kimono and Sandals, Ink Brush Kit, Fan, 1 Leaves of Parchment and Charcoal Stick, Coin Purse, Bottle of water, Small Tent, Flint and Tinder, Pillow Book)

Air 3 (Reflex 3, Awareness 3)
Earth 3 (Stamina 3, Willpower 3)
Fire 3 (Agility 3, Intelligence 3)
Water 3 (Strength 3, Perception 3)
Void 2

Artisan: Poetry 1
Calligraphy 1
Kenjutsu (Katana) 1
Lore: Heraldry 1
Lore: History 1
Lore: Theology 1
Perform: Storytelling 3
Yarijutsu (Mai-Chong) 1

The Suzume watches the flow of combat to discern the perfect
time for his assault. At the beginning of the Combat Round,
before the first character has taken his Turn, you may reduce
your Initiative Score by 5 to add +1k0 to all your attack and
damage rolls for the Round.

The Suzume Storyteller can use a skillfully crafted story
to make virtually any point he wishes. When making a
Courtier Skill roll, you may spend a Void Point to add your
Perform: Storytelling Skill Rank to the total.

Cast out 1: A single temple has denounced me ever since I passed through, and treat my Glory and Infamy.
Brash 3: I am short tempered sometimes, and I have to pass a TN25 WIL roll to prevent attacking immediately
Failure of Bushido (Duty): I ran away from my duties to my family. I cannot spend Void to ignore wounds
Soul of Artistry: I count as having one rank in all Artisan Skills.
Precise Memory: +1k1 memory INT
Daredevil: +3k1 for athletics void boosts instead of 1k1
Imperial Betrothal: (but Unwanted) a result of my family’s ancestor saving a Daidoji Paragon
If I go through with it anyways- Daidoji Obligation 3



Primary Motivation: To Learn
Trust: I trust most my sister, who has been there for me through thick and thin. She is now married to a Crane, which has made things both harder and easier for us all.
Strength: She is always sharp- in combat, discussion, literature, always.
Weakness: Shiori has a tendency to speak without thinking of the larger social implications, hence her Sister needing to step in from time to time.
Bushido: On the topic of Bushido, Shiori gives lip service, but trusts her own heart in the day to day of things. She will introspect and reflect on her actions in accordance with the code later, when she is alone.
Sparrow: She adores her clan
Married: No, and running from it.
Prejudice: Against Scorpions. They are all wretched and treacherous. Anyone else is tolerable
Favorite: To write, alone in a garden
Least Favorite: Talking in public. Too much at stake, too much to keep track of
Habit: She messes with her hair. In public, it never seems to find an agreeable resting place
Emotions: are almost never on display until one of her “meltdowns” which are akin to a tantrum- loud, and filled with alternating anger and sadness.
Subordinate infractions: she ignores them. If it continues, she will have another subordinate talk with them.
Dad: Obstinate, Honor-Fleeing, Sow! I love her anyways though.
Mom: A free spirit, like I once was, before my wings were clipped by old age. I’m so proud of her.
Goal: to make a great and famous book about her journeys. This is the way she will bring Honor to the Suzume, on her own terms.
Religion: She vascillates between devout belief and pragmatic dismissal.
Death: She will die a sudden and painful death, surprised and dismayed.

Secret: I’m bisexual
Politics: Idiocy. Can’t we all get along? (Except those filthy Scorpions!)
Relaxation: Reading, introspecting (at the same time)
Given a Koku: Shiori would spend it on a unique bauble, and write about the experience that night.
Lower Classes: They do their duties and live their lives. I will make life easier for them, as long as I can do so without getting my own hands dirty.
Family: Mom: Suzume-Shiba Mariko
Dad: Suzume Katashi
Sister: Suzume Kimiko
Reward: Her family’s love and acceptance
Daisho: Tachi-Style, Agasha Attuned Blade, Bronze Yin-Yang guard, Crane-Blue Sheathe
Saya Sash: Forest Green Patterned with inscriptions in silver thread, custom made by me through my teens. The inscribed text reads as a summary of my life.
Tao vs Fortunes: Shitao dictates a balance, so I try to believe in them equally XP (in reality she vacillates, as above)
Sacred Possession: the above Saya
Closest Friend: My sister, I guess? I don’t have many friends
Love: Art
Fear: Marriage
Hate: Scorpions (for like… literally no reason)
Crab: Brutish oafs, but altogether harmless. I think they have the right idea when it comes to living, but they take it a bit too far.
Crane: My personal allies, as far as I know. They always seem to know more than me, which is upsetting.
Dragon: Never hear much about em. People call them weirdos but I’ll reserve judgement.
Lion: Wow these guys like to fight! Very uptight too. Two things I don’t tend to get behind. I wouldn’t want to be standing in their way either though.
Mantis: These guys are awesome! However, they are also a bad crowd t obe seen with, so I try to admire… from a distance.
Phoenix: They made my blade…. So pretty cool people, I suppose. I’d love to thank the guy who made it. I wonder if it’s a girl? That’d be so awesome!!
Unicorn: Unique. I think it’d be worth writing stories about them. I haven’t been to visit since DAD knows I want to go there…
Celestial Order: It is what it is. Nothing’s gonna change that.
Ideal Mate: I… don’t want to talk about that. Uh… if you must know, I’ve liked women as often as men, and it’s weird… If I had to choose a guy to be married to, I guess I’d want him to be loyal to me above all else. Of course, that’s why this sort of thing is discouraged…
Reaction to Irreverence: I ignore it. Let the hard asses deal with it, I have better things to do.
Exposure: Never been exposed to evil. Though that WOULD be something to write about! (I think this is why dad’s trying to tie me down…)
Advice from the Player: Accept what will be before it’s too late! You should go home and live a happy life. Adventure is for the dead. You’re just a writer.
Response: I’ll prove you wrong!!!!! Watch me!
Ultimate Enemy: A scorpion man whom I was betrothed to. 0_0

LOOKS: This will be …hard… ummm. Okay so she’s got long hair and amber eyes, kinda glowy, with BRIGHT gold flecks… her hair is blued black with a couple streaks of blued white in her ‘undercoat’. She’s got tanned skin for working outside and hard travel. Her build is meagre in most areas but supple in the places most vital to combat. She’s a little bony, and has small B-cup breasts. Her waist is wider than you’d expect for a tomboy, but not beyond what’s normal for a Japanese girl. In terms of proportions, her legs are sightly longer than average, and her shoulders slightly slimmer. Her face is round, with almost a “heart shape” as it’s called nowadays, but bony from the low-income Sparrow lifestyle she grew up in. She is slim, not much weight on her… probably about 5’4" and 100Lbs?

Her lips have that “hidden kiss” quirky dimple on one side, and her eyebrows are almost perfect (a bit bushy towards the nose), and her nose is a normal small-girl-nose affair. She wears her hair in a mid-height ponytail.

As for clothing, She wears Brown kiritsuke kozane light armor, Crane colored robes, and Sparrow regalia (Mon) she also has her Saya Sash: Forest Green Patterned with inscriptions in silver thread, custom made by her through her teens. The inscribed text reads as a summary of her life.

She carries a Jumonji yari and her Daisho consists of a Tachi-syled (thus worn like a western sword, blade down) katana with a Bronze Yin-Yang symbol-shaped guard, a wakizashi, and an Aiguchi, both with matching Yin Yang Guards, all with matching Crane-Blue sheathes.

Suzume Shiori

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