Daigotsu Hideki

Big, scary yojimbo to a much more scary woman.


Born into an unorthodox branch of the already-foreign Daigotsu family, Daigotsu Hideki was left to be trained by the Order of the Spider, though he was provided with a tutor to ensure he was taught how to fight like a Daigotsu rather than a monk. He spent most of his youth in a monastery, rarely ever seeing his parents and never being spoken to by them. He didn’t even have a name until his gempukku – the monks only ever called him ‘Ko’.

When, finally, the day came for his gempukku, his parents finally said more than a few words to him, pushing him through the dangerous, almost deadly test. At the end of the day, Hideki had been beaten bloody, but was still alive and finally considered an adult. Finally, his family accepted him as a member, rather than as an interesting piece of meat that may someday accomplish something of note. As his first act after his gempukku, surprising everyone (most of all his parents), Hideki took a vow of celibacy, swearing to serve the Spider and never be drawn away by the temptation of flesh and never be distracted by the politics of marriage.

His first posting was to haunt and protect the Ruined City, occasionally eliminating bandit trespassers and Tainted beasts, along with the rest of the Spider contingent there. He spent some time learning the city as a scout, then was moved to act as yojimbo and guide for Otomo Mitsuki while she dug around through the dust in an attempt to find anything left of value. That lasted for several years, and then she left, Hideki going with her as the ever-loyal yojimbo.

Daigotsu Hideki

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