Daidoji Kakashi

The Aggressive Crane


Game of 20 Questions:
1: What Clan does your Character belong to? Crane

2: What Family does your Character Belong to? Daidoji

3: Is your character a Bushi, Courtier, or a Shugenja? Bushi

4: How would others describe your character’s appearance? He is tall and handsome, looking more akin to his Doji cousins than his Daidoji relatives. He moves with a regal baring, even in heavy armor. His eyes are his most striking feature, as they are a blue that matches the ocean itself. His is a cold beauty, impassive as if an emotionless sculpture. This coldness tends to make non-bushi a more than a bit uncomfortable, unless he is assigned to guard them.

5: What is your character’s Primary Motivation? To gain a position of honor and influence, such as a sensei, a posting in the Empress Guard or Daidoji Heavy Regulars, or even a Kenshinzen.

6: Who is the person your character trusts most in the world? The Crab Gunso Hida Tetsuo, the man he served under directly upon the Great Kaiu Wall. He and Tetsuo had fought together on countless occasions, back to back and side to side.

7: What is your character’s greatest Strength and Weakness? His greatest strength is his devotion to duty, whether it is guarding someone or waging war. No matter what his orders, he shall fulfill his duty to the letter. His greatest weakness is his ‘lack of civility,’ to quote his Doji cousins. To hide this shame, he will talk as little as possible, as his job is to guard and wage war, not mince honeyed words…

8: What does your character think of Bushido? Duty and Courage are the two most important tenants of Bushido, as he is one of the defenders of the Crane. However, he thinks that, as a warrior, Courtesy is the least important aspect of Bushido to him. If he is on the battlefield, he would rather have someone shout out a direct warning of an enemy coming up from behind him for a backstab than to have some ‘honey tongued’ Kakita’s warning come too late because the duelist was trying to figure out how to warn him without giving any offense.

9: What is your character’s opinion of his clan? Other than his fellow Daidoji, he sees the Crane as weak, ineffectual fops that need to spend less time in court and more time in the dojo training. Though he has sufficient loyalty to his clan and people, his martial bent in a clan that would rather go cry to the Emperor/Empress sickens him sometimes.

10: Is your character married? No, however, he was betrothed to a Kakita Artisan until she was killed by bandits while returning home after completing her training.

11: Does your character have any Prejudices? Yes. He feels that the Crab need some culture, the Dragon and Phoenix both need to remove their heads from their navals, the Lions need to spend a year upon the wall, the Mantis need to quit trying so hard, the Minor Clans need to try harder, the Scorpion need to surrender the Second Festering Pit and it’s wall to the Crab, the Spider need to jump back into the Festering Pit, and the Unicorn need to quit ‘mounting’ their steeds.

12: To whom does your character owe the most loyalty? The Crab Gunso Hida Tetsuo, the man he served under directly upon the Great Kaiu Wall. He and Tetsuo had fought together on countless occasions, back to back and side to side.

13: What are your character’s favorite and least favorite things? His favorite possessions are his Dai Tsuchi, a gift from the Gunso he served under while serving a year upon the Great Kaiu Wall, his Daisho, and (insert item here). His favorite thing to do is sit with his fellow Crane or any friendly Crabs, drinking sake with them and telling stories of his year upon the Great Kaiu Wall.

14: Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? Yes. When nothing is going on or he is guarding a charge, he usually strokes his Katana or any other weapon he is carrying.

15: What about your character’s emotions? Kakashi is most likely to show his temper, usually when either his charge does something stupid that puts him/herself in danger or when someone threatens his charge with violence.

16: How would your character punish a disobedient subordinate? If the disobedience was accidental, he would show leniency as long as nobody got hurt because of it. If it was due to ignorance of how to obey the order, he would send them back to the dojo to fix the deficiency in their training. If it was a refusal to obey a direct order that prevents a disaster, he would give them a minor, token punishment to save face then heavily reward them. If it was a refusal to obey a direct order that causes minor harm, he would order their seppuku. If it was a refusal to obey a direct order that causes serious harm, he would cast them out as a Ronin before ordering their execution.

17: How would your character’s parents describe him? Kakashi was a dutiful son to his parents and a joy to raise. He was loyal and obedient to a fault, traits that earned him a position as a student in the Daidoji Iron Warrior School. It’s a shame those Crabs ruined him. His parents are still around, and very proud of how he turned out.

18: What is your character’s highest Ambition? To gain a position of honor within the clan. He practices his swordsmanship daily, especially focusing on dueling. To gain prestige for himself, he volunteered to become a Yojimbo in the Eternal Danger Island, unsure of who he is to be guarding. He isn’t willing to compromise his honor to gain such a position.

19: How religious is your character? Kakashi is very religious. He offers daily prayers to the Kami, and tries to visit the local temples weekly.

20: How will your character probably die? Protecting his charge’s life and/or honor.


Daidoji Kakashi is the youngest of three boys and four girls. As far back as he can remember, his parents pushed him to be the best, the fastest, the strongest. They told him that they had no inheritance for him except for one of the Daishos his grandfather had been gifted with and the Naginata that his famil;y had used for generations. It became his daily Mantra that he shall only have whatever he earns, nothing less, nothing more. Each night as he fell asleep, he would whisper this to himself. It would guide him to strive to be the best, day after day in the Bushi school until he graduated at the age of Fifteen. After graduating, he convinced his Daimyo to send him to the Great Kaiu Wall for a year to further deepen the relationship between the Daidoji and the Crab Clan.

During that year, Kakashi and Tetsuo-Sama came to become dear friends. Together, they fought against the horrors of the Shadowlands in desperate battle after desperate battle. The Crab rubbed off on him during that time, and his manners went from coarse but acceptable in the eyes of the Crane to a full failing of Bushido. Still, he always performed his duty, and since he was surrounded by Crab all day, no one really noticed. When it was time to leave, Tetsuo gave him the Dai Tsuchi that had been passed down his family line since before the Scorpion Clan Coup. In return, Kakashi, who had gotten more use to using Heavy Weapons than spears, gave Tetsuo his family’s ancesteral Yari.

After returning to the Crane Lands, Kakashi’s Daimyo became infuriated with him. He would have been forced to retire early if not for a request for a Yojimbo to be sent to the Eternal Danger Island. Unable to spare anyone more fitting, Daidoji Kakashi was sent into exile with a warning… Embarass him or the Crane and he will face worse than just a forced retirement.

Daidoji Kakashi

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